Following Inspiration

A Conversation with Matt Brouwer For this column, I wanted to share wisdom and insight from one of my favorite singer/songwriter/worship leaders, Matt Brouwer. A native of Nova Scotia, now residing with ... Read more

A Band Of Brothers

Every year I make plans to re-watch the award-winning 2002 HBO miniseries, Band of Brothers. Recounting the true story of the men from Easy Company during WWII, I continue to be impacted ... Read more

A Good Song And Johnny Cash

I recently attended a special writers night at Nashville’s Johnny Cash Museum that I will never forget. Hosted by Cindy Morgan, the event featured some of the finest writers of our day, ... Read more

Captain, My Captain

If you are a fan of the classic Robin Williams film Dead Poet’s Society, you remember the moving scene when the students stand on their desks, addressing their professor as “Captain, my ... Read more

The Architect

Throughout the history of recorded music, producers have been responsible for creating and defining the signature sound of countless artists. They have been the “musical architects” behind iconic performers of our time: ... Read more

A Story To Tell

When people ask what a publicist does, I usually respond with the simple phrase: we help artists share their stories. The Hollywood images of red carpets and backstage negotiations are far from ... Read more

Your Story – Bringing Music To Life

John Eldredge states in his book, Epic, “If you want to get to know someone, you need to know their story.” Truly appreciating art means knowing the creator’s story; for listeners to ... Read more