NASHVILLE, Tenn.—Breaking new ground for the multi-faceted Dad Tired movement, the popular men’s ministry founder, Jerrad Lopes, is set to bow his debut children’s title, My Daddy’s Hero: A Story About Jesus, The Ultimate Hero. Available May 7 from Harvest House Publishers’ Harvest Kids imprint, the hardcover picture book presents a simple, yet meaningful story to help kids see Jesus as the true hero of the family.  
Featuring art from acclaimed illustrator and designer Adam Grason, My Daddy’s Hero was inspired by an experience in Lopes’ own life. “I overheard my daughter—who was about 3 years old at the time—say to one of her friends, ‘My daddy can do anything,’” he recounts. “Part of me chuckled with pride, but a bigger part of me also thought, ‘No, I can’t. I’m not as great as she thinks I am.’ I believe that’s true for most dads. We want to be the hero of our children’s eyes and hearts, but we know deep down we fall short of their standards—and God’s—and we aren’t the heroes our kids think we are.”
“If my kids’ view of dad is big, then their view of Jesus should be even bigger,” Lopes states. “I hope My Daddy’s Hero can give fathers confidence to tell their kids that while they are doing their best to protect, care and provide for them, even daddy has a Hero more awesome than he is. I also hope this understanding can bond the whole family: Daddy needs Jesus; mommy needs Jesus; the kids need Jesus. We are all in this together, desperate for Him together.”  
My Daddy’s Hero is the latest in a range of Dad Tired offerings designed to help men embrace their responsibilities as spiritual leaders. For nearly a decade, the Dad Tired movement has cultivated a unique community of men around the world united under one mission—to fall in love with Jesus and help their families do the same. 
Along with the Dad Tired online community, as well as an annual retreat, men’s conferences, books and other resources, at the heart of the movement is Lopes’ popular Dad Tired podcast. With more than 400 episodes and 7 million downloads to date, the show has featured such renowned and diverse guests as Bob Goff, Lecrae, Paul David Tripp, Ben Roethlisberger and John Mark Comer, among many others. 
A recent Newsweek feature on Lopes’ efforts to connect more deeply with his children further demonstrates a foundational principle of the Dad Tired movement: Men’s simple acts of intentionality have a lasting impact on their families. 
“The purpose of Dad Tired is to be a reminder that I don’t have to live up to the unspoken pressure to be perfect for my family and I don’t have to get buried in shame when I’m not perfect,” Lopes says. “Men need to feel the grace of being able to rest in someone better, and that’s Jesus. He lifts the weight off my shoulders so I can lead by being the first one to repent; to confess sin; to humbly admit when I make mistakes; and to be the first one to lead my family to our Better Hero.”  
A pastor for more than a decade before launching the Dad Tired movement, Lopes is also a sought-after speaker at men’s ministry events around the country. His books include Dad Tired and Loving ItThe Dad Tired Guide to Basic Bible Study; Stop Behaving; and Fully Engaged. Lopes and his wife Leila live in South Carolina with their four children.
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