Your Story – Bringing Music To Life

John Eldredge states in his book, Epic, “If you want to get to know someone, you need to know their story.” Truly appreciating art means knowing the creator’s story; for listeners to deeply connect with a song, album or live experience, they need to grasp the story from which it comes.

As a worship leader with a new recording, you have an opportunity to creatively share the stories of your life from which the songs were birthed. Liner notes, cover letters, and bios are foundational tools to tell the stories that will bring your music to life.

Liner Notes – Not Just for Collectors

As I was writing copy recently about Todd Smith’s new solo record, There’s A Light, I was thrilled to discover the CD packaging included substantial paragraphs penned by Todd explaining the meaning of each song. As I read about his father’s battle with Leukemia; his anticipation of being reunited with his daughter Audrey in heaven; and Dmitri’s 17-year imprisonment as a believer, the songs rang with new passion and purpose.

Composing a paragraph revealing the heart behind each of your songs, potentially adding a panel or two to your packaging, allows listeners to experience the journey with you. One they are likely to share with others.

Letter Writing – A Lost Art

In today’s communications economy of tweets and posts, an artfully crafted letter can seem a stark contrast. But one that makes a powerful impact. When we send out an artist’s new recording to our friends in the media, essential to the package is a letter that concisely introduces the artist and project. In several paragraphs, we strive to convey the heart behind the music—and why we believe people should pay attention.

You can do the same. As the artist, you can speak personally and uniquely about your new creation. The power of story is priceless. And will encourage your own gatekeepers and supporters to join you on your journey.

Your Living Biography

Our lives are made richer by spending time with biographies of those who have paved the way before us. By the same token, your web site is made more impactful by sharing what has made you the artist you are. A captivating piece on your life journey, documenting significant milestones, serves as a bridge for each visitor seeking to understand the motivation behind your music. And it is a foundational tool that will grow and evolve with your ministry.

Novelist Virginia Woolf once said, “to give you my life, I must tell you a story.” As you share your music in the places God has you—and with the audiences he gives you—your own well-articulated story will add honesty and authenticity to each note you sing.