A Band Of Brothers

Every year I make plans to re-watch the award-winning 2002 HBO miniseries, Band of Brothers. Recounting the true story of the men from Easy Company during WWII, I continue to be impacted by the soldiers’ bravery, sacrifice and uncompromising commitment. But what draws me even deeper into Easy’s story, is how each man’s abilities and talents—even personality—came together to allow the team to fulfill their mission. Each soldier played an essential role in the company achieving its objectives. They stood strongest together.

As worship leaders and artists, you have much in common with the men of Easy Company. Having a team to work alongside will help enable you to better focus on the calling God has placed on your talents—and life. With resource people utilizing their own giftedness on your behalf, you are free to develop your art with passion and excellence. The vision you have for your music and ministry can be given new perspective and life with input from a few committed advisers. You need your own band of brothers.

Throughout nearly three decades of serving Christian music artists and worship leaders, I have seen many gifted musicians begin to flourish creatively and professionally when supported by a team. In many instances, these artists had previously been acting as “lone rangers,” trying to grow their art without input and encouragement from advisers and independent resource people. And often, the individual or band was simply not aware they could access a broad range of experienced professionals to fill specific roles in their development.

Nearly 10 years ago, we were invited to be part of the team whose mission it was to help introduce the music of Keith & Kristyn Getty in the US. Keith and Kristyn had just moved stateside, and the release of their debut recording, In Christ Alone, was several months away. Members of the team began working in their respective areas, covering radio promotion, retail distribution, and public relations. Working closely with Keith and Kristyn, the team targeted specific goals and timelines. With a support network in place, the Gettys were free to focus on the creative aspects of their art—writing songs and performing concerts. It was a privilege for all of us to watch as their music began to find a home with listeners across the country.

It is good news that you, like the Gettys, can have direct access to an incredible spectrum of talent to help build and support your artistry. From production to graphic design to public relations to distribution, there are experienced professionals who may be willing to serve as resources for you. And that is where this column comes in. We hope you will be encouraged to learn about creative people who have a heart for serving and partnering with artists and worship leaders. And we want you to know that resources are available for where you may find yourself on the journey, whether that is presently, or down the road.

Of course, each artist and worship leader’s path is uniquely their own. There are no magic formulas or perfect timelines. But there is wisdom in pursuing excellence—one step at a time—and that may involve tapping into the expertise of others. As your journey continues, and your platform grows, know that you don’t have to go it alone.

Your own band of brothers may be waiting over the hill.