HOUSTON—Acclaimed singer/songwriters and worship leaders Dave & Jess Ray are giving voice to sentiments experienced by parents around the globe with their new song, “Hold You.” Written by Dave Ray, “Hold You” reflects on a father holding his baby daughter, knowing he will remember the feeling as she grows through the seasons of her life.

“It wasn’t until after our daughter Addison was born that I realized exactly why fathers cry at their daughters’ weddings,” says Dave Ray of the inspiration for “Hold You.” “I was rocking Addison late one night as the rest of the world slept and I realized that one day as we walked down an aisle together, I would be remembering this moment. I would be remembering her tiny fingers wrapped around my neck, her eyes peacefully closed, the constant rhythm of her little chest breathing against mine. And that’s why I’ll be crying.”

Dave & Jess Ray have released a series of acclaimed worship/pop recordings, and are the creators of the successful Doorpost Songs Family Worship Series, combining Scripture with relevant, singable melodies for kids and parents to share together. Dave & Jess Ray reside in Houston with their children, Evan, Jackson and Addison.

The latest Doorpost Songs installment, a Christmas album titled Doorposts Songs: Unto Us, releases July 26. Also this summer, Dave & Jess Ray will be launching a Family Worship Subscription, allowing churches to provide a variety of family worship resources to their congregations at no cost.

For further information, visit daveandjessray.com and follow on Twitter @daveandjessray. “Hold You” is available on iTunes.